The Long Island Flying Eagles

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The club has a cap of 60 members, but even when full we maintain a waiting list of 5 additional people.  If you are interested in joining and would like more information about the club please feel free to come to a meeting which are held on the first Friday of each month.  You can also email the club officers for more information.  An application for club membership can be downloaded from the menu on the left.  It should be sent to the club secretary or brought to a meeting. 

Pilot Qualification

Pilot Qualification is required of all incoming Club members.

Prior to Qualification;

A new Member will be issued a WHITE Club Card entitling him to all the rights and privileges of Membership appropriate to his tenure in the Club.

Experienced Pilots must fly under the sponsorship of a Regular Club Member.

Beginner Pilots must fly on a Buddy Box under the direction of a Club Certified Instructor.

A Beginner Pilot shall be instructed by one or more Certified Club Instructors until such time as the Instructor(s) consider the Beginner Pilot ready to perform the Pilot Qualification Demonstration.

An Experienced Pilot may opt to perform the Pilot Qualification Demonstration at any time he wishes, contingent upon making arrangements for the presence of Club Certified Instructors.

Prior to the start of the Pilot Qualification Demonstration, the Club Certified Instructors shall confirm by verbal examination that the Pilot has a working knowledge of the Club’s Field Safety Rules.

The Pilot Qualification Demonstration will consist of two solo flights, each flight encompassing all specified elements of the demonstration. Failure of any one of the elements will require the repeat of the entire demonstration flight. Two (2) Club Certified Instructors must each witness two demonstration flights.

Upon successful completion of the Pilot Qualification Demonstration, the Instructors shall each sign-off the Pilot Qualification Demonstration record and, at that time, the Pilot will be considered to be fully qualified.

Upon receipt of a properly executed Pilot Qualification Demonstration record, the Club Secretary shall issue to the qualified Pilot a Club Card appropriate to the current Club Year.

Download the Flight Demonstration Record here.?





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